Hello everyone!

I know it's been a long time since I last wrote a blog post for Handmade Math,
but lots of stuff has happened! Since my last post I have released five minor
versions of Handmade Math which have added tons of things (you can find the
changelog here).

Since the last release of Handmade Math I and a few others have been using the
library every day and, after about two months of testing, I'm happy to say that
we have hit no bugs! So, on this high note, I have decided that it is time to
call this version of Handmade Math version 1.0 and announce it as finally
useable! There are still a few things I want done (SSE and Quaternions mainly),
and will gladly accept any pull requests should you like to contribute.

So, go ahead and try out the first official release of Handmade Math here.

Special Thanks to all of the contributors: Miblo, Valmar33, bvisness, kiljacken, and kevinmoran